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18th 2012
Sharing A Shower With Delft-style Tiles At L’Ormarins!

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Southern Art Ceramic Design received a commission to match the colours of 16th centuray antique Delft tiles for this prestigious renovation at L’Ormarins. Most of the images are antique but some were painted byHele Oosthuizen. The blanks with the bullhorn corners were painted by her as well.

The image is unfortunately from a mobile phone.


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One Response to “Sharing A Shower With Delft-style Tiles At L’Ormarins!”

  1. elza on 19 Apr 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    Yes, a pity about the image but still, Helé has done a marvellous job - al those corners!! The images are lovely too and exactly the right colour. The Delft style will always remain popular - it still is here in the Netherlands and I suppose will always be - but with the always high quality of your work and the far above average artistic input - your work is superior! Yet another job done well!!

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